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Things I'm Thankful For

Rachel Radner – who is not only a brilliant critique partner, but an even better author. She gets me and my vision, sometimes better than I do myself.

Alessandra Torre’s Ink – an amazing site for writers where Alessandra herself takes the time to help fellow writers hone their craft. Not only is the site great, but her books inspire me to reach deeper in my writing and go to those places that scare me. Case in point: The Ghostwriter. Read it. Trust me. It’s amazing.

Books, Books, and more Books. Because even if the book sucks, it shows me what not to do. My personal goal is to read 200 books a year – harder to do when my writing is going well. Last year I read 278, and my writing was so-so. This year I’ve read 174 and my writing is on track. Regardless, I do love me some books.

My desk. Even though it’s huge and heavy and impossible to move, and is more often filled with purses and makeup and mail than anything else. It’s my space where I can go and bury myself in my own little world and forget about reality for a while.

My dogs. Because there is no greater motivation than wanting to make a living where I can still hang out with them all day.

Amazon Music and the ability to make playlists that match moods and characters and scenes. Even though that sometimes takes longer than the writing itself.

Duff Brenna – my mentor in Grad School, and still now really. He told me he believed in me a million years ago (which only makes me old and not him) and that has stuck with me since. And every time I write, I hear his voice in my head, and invariably whatever he is telling me to do, is correct

As cheesy as it sounds, my MacBook Air. Tons of other writers use Macs, and they can make a living at it. So at least I’m doing that part right.

Nail polish. Because when all else fails and I’m literally drumming my fingers on the desk trying to think of a word, at least I can look down at my nails and think “oh, pretty!”.

Support of family and friends. And yes, R and BW, I’m talking about you!


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