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No risk, no reward

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a mental illness but just regarding one facet of your life. So not encompassing your entire being, just one little part. Because I think I’m manic/depressive when it comes to my writing.

When it’s going good, man, nothing gets me down. Everything is right with the world, everyone is beautiful and friendly, and it’s all puppies and kitties riding unicorns on rainbows.

When it’s going bad, I can’t function. I can’t write. I can’t connect with my characters, I stare at a blank page endlessly.

And before you say, oh that’s just writers block. You should know, I don’t believe in writer’s block. At all. I do however believe in muses, just not blocks.

Apparently I also believe in writing depression. Hence the post.

But, back to my initial preponderance. Oh, I think I just made that word up. How about, back to my initial ruminations. Back to my initial thoughts. Back to my initial question. I guess it really was a question …

I tried to google it. But Google has a hard time finding answers when your inquiry is unclear. Which mine is. As do Siri, and Alexa, cause I tried those two as well. I don’t do Cortana.

Anyway, Google had nothing for me.

I could ask a friend of mine who does some kind of work that requires the DSM guide, but I have a feeling the answer that I would get in return would be WAY more than I bargained for.

In which case I may as well just leave it here. And maybe, someday, someone will have an answer for me.


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