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Let it snow a whole f**kton more

Ray Charles, the half blind Husky, had a vet appointment this morning. And since I’ve yet to become a responsible adult, it didn’t go so well.

In my defense, a vet appointments in San Diego went about like this:

Appointment time, 10:20am.

9:58am – Prep cup of coffee to-go

10:00am – Leash up dog

10:02am – Drive to vet

10:18am – Arrive at vet.

The vet appointment in the wilderness of WA, went like this:

Appointment time, 10:20am.

9:15am – BW texts to tell me to leave early, the roads are icy.

9:20am – Realize there is 4 inches of snow on my car.

9:21am – Try to call my friend Terri, who used to live in Montana, to see how to remove snow.

9:22am – Stare at car, willing snow to fall off of it’s own volition.

9:23am – Try to call Terri again.

9:24am – Use broom to sweep snow off car.

9:36am – Remove most snow, layer of ice hidden underneath.

9:36am – Stare at car.

9:37am – Driver door is frozen shut.

9:38am – Pick away ice with car key.

9:40am – Start car and let warm up.

9:45am – Layer of ice still on car.

9:46am – Prep cup of coffee to-go.

9:48am – Car still running, all ice still intact.

9:50am – Give all dogs treats, try to get RC on leash.

9:51am – RC does not want to go. All other dogs do.

9:52am – Give all dogs treats again, with RC on leash this time.

9:53am – Forcibly drag RC by collar into laundry room and through garage to car.

9:53am – Car still running, all ice intact.

9:54am – Get RC in car, and go open gate, realize forgot jacket.

9:54am – Fuck jacket, sweater is fine.

9:54am – Gate is frozen closed, too much ice on ground.

9:55am – Get gate open just enough to squeeze car through.

9:56am – Car slides on ice in driveway, can’t see out ice covered windshield.

9:56am – BW calls to make sure I’m out of the house okay.

9:56am – Hang up on BW and slide through gate to end of driveway.

9:56am – Hang head out window to see, temperature outside is 24 degrees.

9:57am – Fingers freeze to steering wheel.

9:58am – Can’t stop teeth from chattering.

9:58am – Car dashboard alerts me it’s cold outside and the roads may be icy.

9:58am – 10:23am – Drive to vet.

10:05am – Ice thaws from windshield, snow still stuck to sides of car and hood.

10:23am – Turn into parking lot of vet.

10:23am – Vet calls to tell me I’m late to 10:20am appt.

10:23am – Car slides on ice in parking lot, past sign that says caution parking lot is icy.

10:24am – Arrive inside vet office.


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