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I'd tell you but I already forgot*

Remember last week when I was all lovey-dovey telling you to reach out to me if you need a friend? I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any of those emails in case anyone responded. So I created a filter in my email to have them all go to one place. And it worked.

Then I forgot to check the place.

So: Callie, Elizabeth, Cristi, Donna, Lizzie, Marilyn, Rhonda, Dori, Anij, Jamie, Shannon, Gabriella, Denise, Lisa, Mel, Michelle, Tammy, Amanda, Kristine, Marilyn, Mindy, Susan, Rochelle, Rebecca, Colleen, Celeste, Chris, Chris, Katie, Mary, Rachel, Danielle, Ashley, Alicia, Alyssa, Calli, Gloria, Daniela, Daniele, Emily, Erica, Glory, Jessica, Colleen, Lucia, Madilyn, Mariela, Sarah, Sahara, Sierra, Star, Trin, Zoe, and Sean -


I’m not saying any of you needed support, in fact I think all of you just commented and said something nice and encouraging to me - so thank you for that. But, I totally broke my promise already.

Mea culpa my friends.

That said, today I’m just going to share some freebies, a contest (Hurry and enter - it ends tonight!), the bingo winner, and some other random shit. I hope you enjoy!

*This is an excerpt from my newsletter


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