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If you're going to murder someone

do it with a Tupperware lid, no one will be able to find it

I don't know about all y'all, but here at Casa Wells we've got two persons of the human variety that live here. (Along with all six huskies, the plethora of squirrels in the backyard, and frogs in the pond. But the only ones who count for this story are the original two: me and BW.)

Two people who both work from home. As in, we don't bring food anywhere in small containers to eat in another location.

So, how is it that we can never find the matching lid for a storage bowl?

Where do they go?

And where do the random lids come from that just show up with no round or square container mate?

We've bought two new ("compatible" - air quotes) sets in the last four years, and still the mystery continues. Are they with the socks hiding in that magical place that socks go after disappearing from the dryer? Spying on us from some unseen place as we hunt aimlessly for the wandering one to match the found one.

(And, OMG - I kid you not - I just found a matching meme to that. I'm not the only one! In my mind I'm running through fields of green like Julie fucking Andrews singing about the hills being alive and shit.)

Regardless, it's a conundrum. I have no idea how to solve it. What do you do?

*This is an excerpt from my newsletter


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