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I know a guy who knows a guy

I don’t know about other authors, but for me the worst part about completing a manuscript is the marketing. You know, that whole trying to get people to buy it so you can make a living thing. Part of that is the synopsis, the blurb, and the cover. I hate doing all three.

So much so, that we could throw that little ménage à trois into a game of ‘would you rather’ and I’d probably pick the rather every time, all day long.

My blurb for Kat sucked ass.

Like big, hairy, donkey-style ass.

But, brilliant CP #1 (otherwise known as author, Rachel Radner) knows a girl (Kayti McGee) who does blurbs. And she did one for me. And it’s incredible. She took a few seeds from me, and turned them into an entire fucking garden. And I will love her forever now. Both the girl and brilliant CP #1.


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