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How to get popcorn out of your teeth.

I feel like there are two schools of thought when it comes to gummy candy. Those who do and those you don't. There's no in between. You can't kind of like gummy candy, it doesn't work that way.

I'm a long time lover of Red Vines. I'm a Red Vine purist, no red licorice, no weird rose-colored impersonators trying to pass themselves off like The Vine, and definitely, positively no Twizzlers. Blech!

Interspersed in my love affair with The Vine (I've decided I like that nickname, I'm going to keep it) have been a couple brief flings with Jelly Bellys and a few hook-ups with Gummy Bears. Nothing too serious.

Until last month.

I discovered Amazon carries a 5lb bag of the same Gummy Bears I had in my welcome bag at Readers and Writers Seattle. Now, either I was hungry that morning (totes possible) or they were the best Gummy Bears I'd ever had. So, I bought the big ass 5lb bag to find out.

Conclusion: I think it was both.

BUT - Amazon delivered the big ass 5-lb bag on the hottest day of the year thus far in Western Washington.

And. Left. It. In. The. Sun.

Even though our delivery instructions clearly say, please ring bell at gate when leaving package.

I ended up with a bag of gelatinous goo of indeterminate flavors. We put it in the fridge and I've made the best of it. Chunking away at my goo whenever the need arose. But I'm at the bottom of the bag now. (Yes, I ate 5 lbs in a month. Don't judge. I've been writing a lot.) And I have to decide whether to reorder.

My question to you is this: would you go back to your tried and true Vines for the occasional sugar laden pick-me-up? Or, would you give the goo another go?

Costco has the 5.5lb tub-of-vines and Amazon now has a 6lb bag-o-bears. Decisions. Decisions.


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