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How resolute are you?

Where do you stand on New Year's Resolutions?

I like the idea of making a change and then sticking to it. However, I rarely stick to it making it more a source of stress than anything.

Which is something I learned this year - stopping the things that don't work. Sounds simple, right?

Except it's so hard to recognize what's not working when you're down in it.

But that's what I've been trying since about September, and I think it's working for me so far. That and being realistic about my free time.

If you were to ask me, I'd tell you I have tons of free time. Then I mapped it out on a calendar and laughed at myself.

Case in point, I bought a new watercolor set - it's amazing! I figured it would be a "if you build it, they will come" moment. Only I called it, "If I buy it, I'll have time." Alas, I've yet to even open the paints.

But a girl can hope right?

Are you realistic about your free time? If so, how do you spend it?


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