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Everything I own

I’m not sure what it is about the dead that speaks to us. As living people. Or maybe it’s just me. And dead BFF.

Cause, every so often I’ll be doing something random; like tonight when I was writing sprints with my peeps in SoCal Inkers. So, his song came on my Amazon Music playlist, by Bread. “Everything I own”. Not really a song I would ordinarily listen to.

Well, unless you count having it in a playlist ‘ordinary listening’.

Okay, fine, maybe I do listen to it.

But one of the last times I remember really listening to it, I was geeking out on it while writing the first draft of Kat’s story. Based (really) loosely on dead BFF. And, of course, I would run lots of scenes past her. Including my mind-set and mood when writing them. Which would include my playlists.

So, naturally, I told her about this song and I made her listen to it.

And we geeked out together.

Now the ‘weird’ thing is that the words can really apply to a non-sexual love. Which is not to say that all love songs encompass sexual love. Except that I think they do. For the most part. It’s just to say that some, like this one, can be manipulated to fit an all encompassing realm.

Anyway, in this one, he, the singer, would give everything he owns just to have her back again. A point which he pontificates over and over again. Now, if i were a crying person, which I’m not, that would make me cry. Cause that shit is sad.

Regardless, there are definitely times, like tonight, where I would do the same. Pontificate about shit, then give everyting I own. Just to have dead BFF back again.

Because I miss her. Because the song reminds me of her. And the many, many good times we shared between us.

I miss her with an ache that I’m not used to.

An ache which, apparently, causes me to emotionally connect with random songs from the ’70’s that speak my feelings much better than I ever could.

In short, translating to: I would give everything I own. . .


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