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Between a Rock and . . .

Watched Season One of “Ballers” with The Rock last night. I’m a little infatuated with him lately. He’s funny and humble. At least I think he’s humble. I mean, I feel like I know him pretty well now, having watched a few hours in a row of him. Plus we rented the new Jumanji last week. And the Fate of the Furious. In order to continue procrastinating this weekend I think I will IMDB him and watch every movie he’s ever done. I’m wallowing. BW is gone, he had to move to the PNW ahead of us. Me and the menagarie miss him terribly. And we aren’t finished packing. But I still have seven days. Technically six, since in seven we will be on the road. Actually I suppose it’s five because the movers come the day before we leave and everything needs to be ready to go in the truck. But I’m stuck in my wallow on the couch with The Rock and season two. We are pretty much friends now. I mean, I follow him on Instagram and I think even Twitter. So, help a girl out, please send magic packing fairies. And food. And maybe more wine.


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