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A Little Wine Never Hurt Anyone

So after a particularly debaucherous weekend, BW and I decided to go hard alcohol free this week. Wine and beer don’t count, just the spirits. So Monday night we had a 2009 Uptick Chardonnay. I got that on my Sonoma trip with the T Family last fall. It was as good as I remembered and I don’t like Chardonnay. At all. Nice caramel finish with just a hint of butter. No oak. I hate oak on a Chardonnay. Well, when I don’t hate the Chardonnay. BW didn’t like it at all. I had meant to save it to share with ST, who was with me when I bought, but no luck. Drank it with lasagna of all things. Very much enjoyed by me.

Last night was a 2009 Schug (Carneros) Pinot Noir. I vaguely remember visiting Schug in like 2001 when we visited the region for Mom’s 50th birthday. But of course most of that weekend is vague in memory. The Pinot started out flat and a little unremarkable, but soon the aroma really came out to play and it was a bit of delightfullness in a glass. Paired it with grilled BBQ chicken, over salted sauteed veggies (my fault) and brown rice. I liked it so much toward the end of the bottle that I savored it. Savored as in BW finished his before I finished mine. Tell me the last time that’s ever happened. Um, never.


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