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The complete Love in San Soloman Series - all five books in one:

Letting Kat go annihilated my heart. Life with her is like hi-definition, full technicolor on a crazy beautiful display. Everything else before and after is just grayscale. 


It's why I'm getting her back, and this time nothing is getting in my way.

Nothing bad has ever happened to Brad, at least not until he met me. I'm Brad's "bad." Even if my crappy life choices don't hurt him, the timeline on my life will. 


It's why we're apart. And if I have anything to do with it, we'll stay that way.

Lose my favorite Louboutins? No way in hell. I don’t gamble unless I know I can win. Simple as that. So, when my besties wagered that I couldn't stay in a relationship for a month, I took the bet. 
Because, really, how hard can it be? But there was a flaw in my strategy. I didn’t count on the relationship to be with HIM. Or for my feelings from so long ago to be the same. 
One month. Four dates. No problem. Right?

What was I supposed to do? Trevor, my ex, had broken my heart. Again. You would have done the same.

Because Cole Mason was just standing there. The rancher from Texas who had me silently begging for him to call me ma’am. Beckoning me with those dark-brown eyes I caught staring at my tits and a body I wanted to climb like a tree.

I knew in time he’d either lasso my broken heart and fix it, or I’d pull a Trevor and break his. Looking back, I know for certain, I don’t regret a damn thing.

Best reason to go stag to a wedding? Single women looking for a hookup. And I’m just the guy to provide it. For one night only. I rarely do repeats. 

Now, excuse me while I grab the attention of the sexy, bourbon drinking brunette sitting alone at the bar. I have plans for us for the next twelve hours or so, before I move on. 

Because the last thing I need is a relationship. So, imagine my surprise when I find myself asking her to move in with me the same day we meet.

What the hell just happened?

My fiancée’s death almost killed me. It’s been three years and I still can’t move on. Not with life. And definitely not with love.

But our friends keep pushing me to date. They say it is time. So, I give in to get them off my back. One date with a girl I already don’t like: Tenley Hughes.

My plan? To be the perfect gentleman yet still be the worst date of her life. Then everyone will be happy and I can go back to misery not loving company.

Except the date isn’t bad. And it doesn’t end at one.

Love in San Soloman Box Set - E-Book Edition

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