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Romance is in the air!


First attraction… Love… Sometimes hate.


These matchmaking authors have sent cupid on a mission. Imperfect dates go awry and bring together some unlikely pairs. From blind dates and insta-love to second chance and brother’s best friend, rivals and the boss to fairy tale spoofs… something to tickle everyone’s funny bone.


Imperfect Date is an anthology featuring USA Today Bestselling Authors and everything you need to make you laugh.

Featured Authors:
Denise Wells
Beth A. Freely
Ember-Raine Winters
JLynn Autumn
Stormy Winds
Victoria J. Hyla
Michelle Fernandez
Rachel Radner
Rayne Elizabeth 
Joy Eileen 
Gina Ardito
Finley Brown
Skye McNeil
R.J. Castille
Kenzie Rose 
Tracy Reed
Michelle Mars
Claire Davon
Artemed Sullivan
Tari Lynn Jewett
Tonya Clark
Naomi Springthorp

Imperfect Date - Signed Paperback - a Rom-Com Anthology

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