Nature Girl, Ranting

Ready for my rant? Here goes: So, my pond broke again. Well, the waterfall going into the pond. For the third time since we moved here (to WA) May, 2018. Which makes me sad because it was my main reason for wanting this house. I know, I could have just put a waterfall/pond at another house, but that’s not the point. I’m blaming the dogs since they are always using it as a water bowl, bathing facility, and rock-finding expedition course. Well, four out of the six do anyway. The completely blind one doesn’t get too close to it and the really old one doesn’t want to walk that far from the front door. Since we live in the wilderness, it takes forever to get the guy out here to fix it. Which makes me impatient and puts me in a quandary. So I ask you – Would you keep having it fixed since it makes you happy? Or would you get rid of it and avoid the hassle?

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