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When the lady gets a man cold.

Okay before you say it, let me just say that I know that you know that I didn't send a newsletter last week. That's totally my bad and I'm super sorry. But, here's why.

I have a “day job" (as do most authors who aren't Colleen Hoover or Skye Warren or independently wealthy) and I work remotely. Last week we implemented a new software program to kinda run things--I'm the company's pretend IT department so I needed to be, like, with my boss at the office and shit. Suffice it to say, it didn't go well. I'm talking 14 hour days dealing with ridonkulousness. The software we were sold has some bugs. And those bugs also have bugs. Which, coincidentally, also have bugs.

'Nuff said.

Oh! Except since we're already talking about bugs, and we all know airplanes are flying cesspools of germs and bacterium, it should surprise exactly no one I came home sick.

Apparently (this is new news to me, mind you - and please note my sarcasm here) I'm a pitiful nightmare when I'm sick. Think The Exorcist meets Idiocracy.

Which is why BW (the husband) wasn't too happy when I spent four days on the couch whining while binging Sex/Life and Dahmer on Netflix after being out of town for four days. Because remember Dobby Brown, our red/white husky who had the knee surgery? She's still on activity lockdown. And she's still really pissy about it. (See what I did there?) (If not, go back like three or four newsletters.) And she's been a lot of work to handle. But, BW made me homemade chicken soup and I'm finally feeling better today, so all is good in the 'hood.

(We don't actually live in a ‘hood. It’s more like a red-neck fairy forest, but there aren't any cool rhyming words for that.) (Although if you think of any, let me know.)

I'm making up for last week's loss of a letter by giving you three, that's right three, freebies today. Woot!

All that said, I'm finalizing my story for Heroes with Heat and Heart: Volume 3, a benefit anthology for Wounded Warriors AND working on my summer release: Summer with my Sexy Ex.

Tell me what you're up to!


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