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When cursing sounds beeeyoootiful

I had a conversation the other week with someone about cursing. I'm a fan. They were not.

My thoughts are they accentuate my points, make me feel better when I yell them, show whomever I happen to be talking to (usually myself or the dogs) that I'm really serious about that shit.

The other person's thoughts are they add unnecessary vulgarity to a conversation when it's not needed. And that it shows a lack of intelligence when having to resort to them.

I see both sides. For the most part.

But THEN something amazing happened. My friend, Penny (she's British), came to see us for a long weekend. And she has that beautiful, lilting accent that makes everything sound lovely and polite.

Like cursing.

She doesn't curse much, and when she does, she says things like "wanker" and it just makes you want to giggle. However, having spent time with her, I'm a little more than convinced if I had an accent I could get away with saying the most perverse things and have no one balk. Okay, maybe not the most perverse things, but you know what I mean.

That said, not only do I not have an accent, but it turns out I'm a terrible imitator too. And, if you happen to be keeping track of the things we discover I can't do in these newsletter snippets, so far we are at: I can't dance. Or sing. Can't keep a plant alive, not even those ones that don't die or the ones that prick. I can't keep my house clean, not even if I have a head start. Can't make a decent margarita, or at least not one like my mom's. Can't imitate accents or voices. (I should lump that in with dance and sing, it's practically the same thing.)

Anyway, I'm sure you know what I'm going to ask you now - do any of y'all have an accent? If so, what kind? If not, can you imitate one?


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