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What's a ghost's favorite play?

“Romeo and Ghouliett!”

Did you see that one coming? I didn't either when I heard it.

I had to get blood work done the other day, routine stuff, and the clinic had complimentary valet parking. It was raining (shocker in the Pacific Northwest of the US, I know) and so everyone was taking advantage of it.

A very nice older gentleman was manning the kiosk and freely telling jokes to keep everyone entertained as they waited for their respective cars.

That one (above) was my favorite. Want to know my second favorite?

Q - “Why do they call an area of the hospital an ICU?”

A - “With the way the gowns fit, you can walk around all day saying, ‘I see you’ to the patients' backside.”

Get it?

I swear I could have sat there all day and listened to him tell jokes.

Alas, here we are, the end of the month and nearing the end of the year - Happy Halloween by the way!


- D 💋


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