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What is old anyway?

Okay, it's time to get real up in here. So, where my self-sabotagers at? You know who you are. All us all recognize one another on the street and do that subtle little chin nod to make sure we know that you know that we know. Ya know?

When I was young* my favorite self-sabotage was with school/college papers and/or tests. (Because, really, who needs that shit?) Now that I'm older** my favorite self-sabotage is with writing. Which, if you think about it, is really similar to school. Writing a book under a deadline is kind of like waiting until 11:59pm on Thursday to start writing a paper that's due at 8:00am on Friday.

It sucks. You hate it. You hate that you do it to yourself. Then you do it anyway.

Which is how I have a book due soon that isn't finished. And the time I have allotted to finish it is not enough time. Which book is it, you ask? I can't tell you because then you won't want to read since you think it will suck because I wrote it under pressure right before the deadline.

Ah, but what you don't know is, maybe I write all my books that way. Who's to say that writing a good book means you're chained to a computer fourteen hours a day sixty-seven days in a row until you finish it.

Technically, me. I'm to say that.

But I digress.

At the risk of sounding needy, will a few (or all) of you write back and let me know your own self-sabotage tendencies? Just to make me feel better. I promise to respond to your email even though we both know I should be using that time to finish writing this damn book.

As a bonus - I'll send you a sample chapter next week of something I'm working on and you can critique the hell out of it. How's that sound?




- D 💋

*Using young as a relative term, since are we really ever grown up? And if we are, who determines it? And if we're young at heart, but still have those stupid frown wrinkles on our face does age really count?

**What does old mean anyway?


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