Snowmaggedon meet Snowpocalypse

Remember when I said it snowed? Well, it did it again. A LOT. As in the amount of snow this little area usually gets in a year, we got in a day. And it was seriously fucking awesome! Mostly because I never thought I would live in an area where it snows. The huskies LOVED it.

It’s melting now, mostly due to rain and sun, morphing into some sort of icy, slushy, muddy weirdness. The nice thing is I’ve locked myself in my office and finished a ton of book-related things. I wish I could say much of it has been writing, but that would be a lie. I had to kill my first character, and I’ve gone into mourning, so no writing for a bit.

Instead, we gave each of the books on the backlist a new cover. Then Sadie got jealous so we gave her a new cover as well. And from today through February 19 – LOVE UNDECIDED is free on Amazon.

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