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RUN THE WORLD: An Anthology

Release Date: September 12, 2023

Limited Edition Romance Collection

She didn’t just break the glass ceiling, she obliterated the barrier. Sacrifice, determination, and an alpha personality often result in stereotypes and name calling. Still, for the woman ON TOP, it's just another day at the job she loves, living life on her terms. Doesn't mean she lacks time for love or a family. Just makes finding the right partner a bit more challenging. This anthology follows the women who have thriving careers in a male dominated field but won't let that deter them from breaking the glass ceiling. The 16 Authors include: Ashley Zakrzewski - USA Today Bestselling Author Barb Shuler - USA Today Bestselling Author Britney Bell - USA Today Bestselling Author Sofia Aves - USA Today Bestselling Author Keighley Bradford Susan Horsnell USA Today Bestselling Author Lesley Hoover Sunny Abernathy Katherine Moore Rubi Jade KL Myers Denise Wells S.L. Davies Ginny Sterling E.S. McMillan Leanora Cowan Annee Jones

Pre-order now - available on Amazon

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