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Resting Girl Dog Face

Y'all know I have a million dogs, right? I mean, technically it's only 6, but that's still a lot. BW and I are outnumbered times 3. (Did I do that math right?)

Anyway, one just blew out her knee and needed CCL surgery, which she got on Monday. The recovery time is 8 weeks. Somehow, my little bionic terminator puppy has been walking on her own since day two (as in Tuesday). Not only is she walking on her own, but she's pissed that we won't let her go play outside.

No matter the amount of codeine, gabapentin, trazodone, and carprofen we stuff the little forty-five pound pain in the ass full of, she just metabolizes the hell out of it and is raring to go. And, since we keep her confined in small spaces, she's upset. So, she's taken to peeing on the dog beds. Spitefully. No matter how often we take her outside to go.

That, and staring at me with hate in her eyes from behind her little inflatable cone of shame. (I've included a photo of her resting bitch dog face below for your viewing pleasure.) ((BUT, you have to ignore how badly I need to vacuum my office rug.)) (((I get that bitch and female dog are the same thing and that I'm essentially saying resting dog dog face, but sometimes only redundancy will do when making a point.))) Sigh.

That's been my week - how about you?


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