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OVERDRIVE: A KB Worlds Driven Novel

How do you send a fake relationship into overdrive?

Turn it into something real.

With your best friend’s ex.

Who hates you.

My life is about risk - racing cars for a living. So, a fake girlfriend should have been no more dangerous than anything else.

It was supposed to be temporary, just a few fake meet-ups, nothing too serious.

A small white lie to help fix my so-called “bad” reputation.

Who would have thought I’d want more than a few dates?

Not me.

Or that the girl who was supposed to be my fake something would turn into my very real everything?

Also not me.

The question is, do I let her believe it’s all still pretend?

Or tell her how I feel and wait to see what happens?

Series: San Soloman

Collection: KB Worlds - Driven Collection

Available on Amazon - Free on KU

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