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How to tell if you're a news junkie

What a week, huh? Putting aside the heartbreak in the Ukraine, there were a couple of things in the news this week that really got my attention. Now, keep in mind that I'm a bit of an entertainment news junkie. It's my guilty pleasure/happy place and I gorge on it via Apple News every morning to my hearts content. (I know, total waste of time. Maybe we'll discuss time management next month!)

First, and the one that broke my heart, was the death of Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters. I'm a huge fan and that one shook me. Raw talent like his is such a gift. And he will be so very missed. Any other fans? We can cry on each others' shoulders.

Second, that slap at the Oscars.

I have mixed feelings on it and I'm still not sure where I land. On the one hand, to poke fun at an autoimmune disease is flat out wrong. On the other hand, slapping someone in the middle of a ceremony meant to celebrate accomplishments is not cool either.

That said, I'm all for free speech AND I dig it when a person stands up for their loved one no holds barred. So, still not sure where I land.

What say you? Did you pick a side? Do you even care?


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