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How to (not) avoid peopling.

I had to people last week for the first time since before COVID. I know, gasp!

It was exhilarating, terrifying, exhausting, and amazing! I participated in the Seattle Readers and Writers Conference 2022. The great things were I got to see a bunch of my local author friends, which was fabulous AND I met quite a few new readers, also fabulous. Being in the same room as hundreds of book minded people was fan-fucking-tastic. It made me feel alive and vibrant and young.

But, I wore heels.

I know, right?!? Who in their right mind wears heels when they are going to be standing the better part of nine hours coming out of two years spent solely in flip-flops, Converse, and Uggs? Apparently, this girl right here.

In my defense, they were Earthies brand which are supposed to be all orthotic and shit. And I swear I've worn them for longer stretches of time before with no issues.

That was then, Denise, this is now.

I couldn't move the next day, that's how sore I was. My back, my legs, my feet - all useless to me. Getting older sucks ass. Or else being a little chubster sucks ass. Or maybe it's being a little chubster that's getting older. Regardless, it was a rookie mistake that I'll probably make again because I like the height that heels give me.

I'm thinking about my age more because my birthday is coming up, in two days. And I'm going to be another year older. I used to love my birthday and now it's just kind of like, "meh". Anyone else feel that way? Why do you suppose it is?

As we get older shouldn't we be reveling in the fact we made it another year? I mean, I'm not THAT old yet, but you get my drift, right?

Anyway, thank you to everyone who offered to read and review Summer Shivers - I hope you enjoyed it! If you didn't, I've got another book coming out October 28 - maybe you'll like that one better. (ha ha!)


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