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How many are too many?

There's never too many books, am I right?

Until you move, as in change addresses.

Each time we've moved, BW has made me donate books. By the boxful. Luckily, we've only moved six times and there are no plans to do it again anytime soon. But at some point we will and I'll have to decide what I can live with once again. Which is what has made having e-readers so life-changing for me. So many books in such a tiny space.

That said, you should know that by most book lovers' standards, I'm a horrible book owner. I bend the covers, fold the pages, write notes in the margins, crease the seams - all that shit you're never supposed to do if you really love books. But I do love books, I love the shit out of my books.

And most of my physical books I've gone on to replicate in e-book form so I still have it should something happen to the hard copy. But what about those notes I mentioned? The ones I've written in the margins? How do I replicate those in e-book form?

I know what you're going to say, that's what the comments and highlights functions are for. But it's not the same as seeing your own handwriting. Not for me anyway.

What kind of book lover are you? Are you with me, on the dark side of love? Or fastidious, as seems to be the norm?


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