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How do I get a squirrel to sit?

I'm not a good morning person. Like, not at all. But I try to get up "early" (read 8:00 AM) in the morning anyway to be productive. BW brings me coffee in bed, I stumble downstairs, and snuggle with the dogs on the couch. Once there, I drink my coffee, slowly wake up, and watch the squirrels. We (and by we, I mean BW, because I'm still sleepy) feed them every morning along the side fence. The squirrels and the birds, seed and corn. It drives the dogs batty because they see them but can't get to them. Which makes me laugh.

Anyway, we recently got a little squirrel picnic table for them to sit and dine at. We get these special dried corn cob things for them to eat, and they screw into the table so all the squirrels have to do is sit at the table, nibble at the kernels, and fill their bellies. The problem is, I have yet to see any of them actually sit at the picnic table. They'll lean over it, stand on it, swish a tail against it, run across it, and stare at it for a bit if the corn is all gone; but not a one sits. I had great hopes for the sitting of the squirrels. Alas, if it ever happens, I'll get a picture for you.

What are your thoughts on squirrels? Have you ever gotten one to sit?


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