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Featuring: The Badge and The Beauty,

a Romantic Suspense short by Denise Wells

Release Date: 6/28/23

We may be running for our lives, but the real danger is in the way her body feels pressed against mine.

I’m a damn good detective, but I’ve seen enough of this world to know that justice isn’t always served. So, when a pageant queen gets dethroned after being slapped with bogus charges, I smell trouble.

And trouble means someone’s out for blood.

The deeper I dig, the more I realize this beauty’s got herself tangled up with some bad dudes. They’re on our tail, and it’s up to me to be the knight in shining armor that gets her out alive.

Problem is, I’m finding myself drawn to her like she’s magnetic—as in the steel that can’t resist her pull. I’m falling hard, even knowing it’s a bad idea. This ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve seen how it ends and it’s not pretty.

Which is why I’m hoping maybe, just maybe, this time will be different.

About the Anthology

These colors don't run, and neither do our hot heroes!

Join us for the upcoming steamy protector romance anthology - Heroes with Heat and Heart 3. All proceeds go to support our veterans through the Wounded Warrior charity.

Wishing our brave military members all of the best.

Carina Alyce EmKay Connor LC Taylor CB Samet Harper Cross Heather Scarlett Bella Stone Cassie Mae Denise Wells HK Jacobs C. J. Corbin D. Williams Finley Brown Jen Talty Katerina Simms Kendall Talbot Marianne Knightly Miranda P. Charles Nichole Severn Reina Torres Roxanne Tully Savannah Kade Tamrin Banks Aurelia Yates

Series - Agents and Assassins

Collection - Heroes with Heat and Heart

Extras - Daria's Cocktails

Pre-order your copy here!

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