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LOVE UNDECIDED – the first book in the Love in San Soloman Series.

As far as Kat’s concerned, if you have too much goodness in your life it will always turn bad.

It’s pretty much the same for everyone she knows, except Brad. Because nothing bad ever happened to Brad until Kat.

She’s Brad’s bad. It’s why they’re apart. And if she has anything to do with it, they’ll stay that way.

For Brad, life with Kat is hi-definition full technicolor on a crazy beautiful display. Everything else before and after her is just grayscale.

Letting her leave him was his biggest mistake. Which is why he’s going after her and nothing is getting in his way.

Just as soon as they catch the guy stalking her. And he finds a way to break it off with his current girlfriend.

**Read up before the next book in the series, Love Undiscovered, is released July 26.**


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