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Don't Miss The Chocolate Bliss

Raise your hand if you are still writing 2022 for the year - (me, I'm raising my hand.)

There was something I found enjoyable about writing all the 2's in 2022. My writing style is big and loopy so I think I just liked how curvy I could make the 2's. I can tell already that writing a 3 is not going to be as much fun. Sigh.

Speaking of 3's, and I totally didn't plan this segue it legit happened organically, I've got a new novella coming out on January 20 called The Three Way. I've included a teaser below in case you are curious.

I don't even like the number 3, which I find odd.

See what I did there?

I DO like the number 3, I just wanted to make that joke.

And, with that, I hope your Friday is fun and festive.


- D 💋


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