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Craving My Roommate Anthology

Finding a roommate should be simple. Easy as pie, right?

The roommates in this steamy collection will discover just how messy things can become. Not looking for love, but living in close quarters, and with undeniable chemistry, things will get complicated quickly. They will try and deny their desires as long as they can, but will their cravings for one another win out in the end?

Authors include:

Ashley Zakrzewski, Amanda Shelley, Denise Wells, Ilyse Hartt, Kristin Lee, Regina Frame, Keighley Bradford, Sutton Bishop, Sharon Wray, Emery LeeAnn, Meg Napier, J. Keely Thrall, Julie Halperson, Skye Knight, Susanna Eastman, Dania Voss, Lori Ann Bailey, Laurel Wanrow, Skye Blackburn, Alexis R. Craig, J.T. Bock, Mariah Kingsley


Apple Books




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