Cover needed here

Well, Kat is with the editor, discovering all sorts of things about herself that she’d failed to feel self conscious about before. I anticipate she will be an even greater hot mess when she returns to me. But that’s okay, I totally get her kind of neurosis and anxiety. I can deal with it.

What she still needs though, is a cover. And had you asked me a year ago, a month ago, a week ago – I might have told you that I was a visually creative person who had an eye for artsy things and shit that looks good. But I would have been lying. Like straight out tattoo that mofo on my forehead and let me walk around with it, scorned forever.

Because neither of my eyes see or conceive artsy shit. As evidenced by my lack of ideas for a cover for Kat.

Or a cover for Remi – whose story will be coming to a close in the next couple weeks and I need to begin the teasing portion of her life cycle.

How do people come up with this stuff? Branding? Covers? Logos? And then it has to be something that is eye catching and pleasing to your audience, but also something that you yourself is not going to get tired of looking at.

Me, meet overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, meet me. The two of us are going to get along just fine.

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