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Can the TBR be controlled?

I've been really into the idea of organization lately. I'm not very organized by nature. There's chaos in my office, my writing notes, my e-folders, my kitchen cupboards, my brain . . .

At the same time, I LOVE lists, planners, notebooks, and spreadsheets. I love to make them, buy them, create them - ad nauseam. Do 'em up all pretty like with bright colors, fill them with useful information, and then, never look at them again. Sigh.

My latest conundrum is my ever growing TBR pile. Books TO BE READ.

How to set it up? How to track it? Because, how do you go back to a book from, say, 2019 that you really wanted to read, when there's all this new shit coming outthat you still haven't read? Not to mention the books from the years before 2019 since I pulled that year out of nowhere as an example.


Do I keep track via Goodreads? Or samples on my Kindle? My Amazon Wishlist? Pen and paper? All of the above? I'm fairly decent about keeping track of the books I've read, but that's all due to technology built into my Kindle. Thank you Jeff Bezos for giving me one less thing to have to worry about keeping track of when I don't actually keep track of it but think I should.

In fact, if you have a solution I would love to hear it. How do you take control of your TBR? Do you even have one? How many books do you think are in it? Do you (want to) know? Send me all the deets.


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