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Bad TV is not always good

So, somewhere I heard that “Fuller House” was really good. I couldn’t tell you where I heard it, or when, or who from. But I’ll swear I did. Unless I dreamt it.

But, I kinda like that Candace Cameron Bure girl. At least I’ve liked her in Hallmark Movie Channel holiday shows. So I was a little excited to see what she could do. Not a lot excited, just a teensy bit.

And, Sunday evening, having run out of packing tape, I was desperate for something to do where I didn’t have to think, move, or talk. I pulled up Netflix, tried to find something that BW would not want to watch with me, and binge. Enter Fuller House.

I watched the first episode. It was bad. Like really bad. Canned laughter, audience addresses, overdone theatrics. But I suffered through because I figured it was just because there were all sorts of cameos from the original people, blah blah blah. And since I’m fairly certain I have fond memories of the original show from when I was a kid, I moved on to the second episode. Which had to be better. I mean, at the very least, it couldn’t be worse.

By the end of that second episode I was absolutely convinced that not only could it be worse, but it must be that they were all just playing a parody of their past selves/characters. That could be the only explanation for such mundane, yet deliberate, theatrics. Which is the only reason why I moved on to episode three. So I could prove my point to myself. After which surely the show would get better and something interesting would happen.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t even get through 10 minutes of episode three. Because the show really was THAT bad. Like I couldn’t even enjoy it for being bad TV. It hurt to watch.

I was forced to go back to old Rizzoli and Isles reruns. I can’t watch new episodes because I’m not caught up on where Jane is with that guy that she was seeing who was in the service. The one that couldn’t walk, and then he could. I don’t remember. But, I’m also not sure if new episodes still air.

First world problems for sure. But tragic all the same.


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