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About Denise

The New Romantic

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Denise has been reading since before she could talk. To this day, escaping into a book (whether reading or writing) is her go-to activity before anything else. She likes to write about smart, sassy women and sexy, cinnamon-roll men. 


Denise is loyal to a fault, a bit too sarcastic, blindingly optimistic, and pretty freakin’ happy with life overall. If she couldn't be a writer, she'd be a singer in a classic rock band. Right after she learned to carry a tune. She has more purses than days in the month, an obsession with colored ink pens, and a slightly unhealthy bracelet habit. 


Home is in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with six special needs Siberian Huskies and a husband (BW) who has the patience and tolerance of a saint. And, lest she forget, Denise also lives with too many to count characters inside her head, who will eventually have their stories told.

  • My mouth is of the potty variety with zero filter. 

  • I'm obsessed with the Beat Generation.

  • I will never turn down nachos. Not ever.

  • I like to drink: wine, vodka, margaritas, bourbon.

  • I still try to turn the page on my Kindle.

  • I'm a purse whore. A dirty, dirty purse whore. 

  • The Replacements are the greatest band in the world.

  • I love hats in all shapes and sizes.

  • I would totally have sex with George Michael - if I wasn't already married. And he wasn't gay. Or dead. 

  • I laugh at super inappropriate times.

  • 70s on 7 is my jam.

  • I really, really, really like unicorns, but especially love other-corns. (Llama-corn, Husky-corn, Cow-corn)

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Love Letters

From Readers

HOLY HELL! Denise Wells is one of my go to authors, and I've LOVED every story that I've gotten my hands on.

- The Power of Three, Goodreads 

For readers who like it sexy, shameless, and sassy.

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